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The Platform Personalized Prevention is a partnership of Dutch organisations and professionals who work on the implementation of Personalized Prevention. Personalized Prevention wants to improve the health and productivity of populations and starts with the needs of each client. Part of this approch is a health risk assessment  to address gaps in care, emerging health risk factors and disease conditions.

We define Personalized Prevention in five steps, all in relation to individual behavior:

1. Assessment: knowing what the individual risks are for illnes and complications. Based on scientifique risk factors. Including insight in the personal lifestyle, motivation en preferations for face-to-face contact, (guided) selfmanagement, online advice or on location, in a group or as an individual.

2. Awareness
: willing to receive personal health information that is concrete, inspiring and to do. So you are able to understand the information and want to take steps.

3. Decision support
: helping you to make decisions that will lead to actions.

4. Intervention matching: matching the individual profile with proven lifestyle interventions or other options.

5. Personal advice: receiving a personal advice that meets individual needs, behavior and risks. With results that motivate you to go on.

Personalized Prevention is a form of e-Health. E-Health is healthcare supported by digital processes and communication. It can include the use of mobile services providing healthcare information to patients, practitioners, researchers, real-time monitoring, care and social communitybuilding.

We see Personalized Prevention also in relation to (government) actions for a better environment and the availabilty of healthy food choices and the quality of diets.

Please contact us if you want more information.

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